Married Life

May peace be upon you.

How has married life been, I ask myself.

It has been awesome. People ask me, how is it like? My response? Like I have a boyfriend. And it really does feel like it! Now that I am married to Firhan, there is literally no limits or boundaries that I feel like I need to have with him. I gush about everythingI eat almost anything in front of him. I can take off my tudung in front of him. I can be in the same room as him. I can even hold his hands and hug him in public. Like omg, how cool is that?

Forgive me, I am new at this whole ‘wife’ thing. It has already been about two months since we got married, but I find it so, so wonderful that we still have tons of things to learn about the other.

I am so glad that I myself put limits and boundaries with him (especially emotionally). Coz now, the feeling of opening up to him feels much more Blessed, you know? We have been best friends for a while, but to know entirely new worlds about the other and learn that we both have someone else who accepts us for who we are now (orher than our families and cloooose friends, of course), masya Allah friends. The nikah itu indah or marriage is bliss thingy guys, no lies. It is for real.

For those who are already engaged, I pray that the days leading up to the wedding will be smooth. And for those who are in relationships, I pray that you will settle down with the one who understands you like no other.

Now, my husband has been quiet for a while. I don’t know where he is. Can you help me find him?

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