May peace be upon you.

You know what my dream was? When I was a teenager? To get married whilst studying at 21. Weird, I know. But well, we all have dreams. But that dream died the moment I turned 22 and realised that it was not happening anytime soon. I was alright, though. All this is in the hands of God, so He Knows what is best.

I told a friend yesterday about this dream, and she replied, “Dreams do come true.” Coz yesterday, I received one of the best news I have received in a while. My cikgu figured that I must be over the moon, which, of course, I was! Who wouldn’t!

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. My dream is coming true, God Willing.

And what is even better? I have a chance at letting my parents put on the graduation gown and the mortar board, and that brought tears to my eyes. Though I will be married by then, insya Allah, I am sure Firhan will understand why I wish to dedicate the next few years to my parents. They have done everything for me like nobody would, and they deserve nothing less.

But of course, now is too early to say anything. I have been Granted a foot into this next step. All I need to do is to give my all and make sure I see this through to the best of my ability. God Knows how happy and excited I am.

Though I am disappointed that I will not see more familiar faces come August, I believe that God has amazing plans for everyone.

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