I Have a Feeling

May peace be upon you.

So, mmm, I have a feeling. A sticky, up and down my neck (what kind of an expression is this?), Irritable Bowel Syndrome kind of feeling that I will be doing pretty much the same thing today and tomorrow.

*goes down to the office to retrieve my relief schedule for today*

Alright, so my first relief will be at 0915 hours. I have some time for blogging, a too-early breakfast and maybe The Vampire Diaries. I have not been catching up, and a good move, too, coz I saved loads of time on dramas and spent it elsewhere, like on Iman (my cute little niece!) or just my alone time (God Knows I need this a lot nowadays).

Oh, wait. Scratch The Vampire Diaries. I think I will read the articles that my friends have so graciously shared, articles on Ramadhan and the what-to-dos.

After rereading this post, I think it is somewhat pointless.

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