First Couple

May peace be upon you.

I betchu guys were thinking, oooh first couple who is she talking about? Well, if you were thinking like that, sorry to disappoint. I wanted to type First Couple of Days but it was too long for a title (like I have never had a long title before, pft) so First Couple it is!

Pejam, celik, pejam, celik (which means open, close, open close – the eyes), I have reached the midpoint of my first week at my new school! Time really did fly by that quickly, friends. It felt like it was last week that I was spamming markings at my practicum school (that was 3 weeks ago). Really, time waits for no one.

To be honest, I miss my practicum school. My friendly colleagues, the incessantly chatting but respectful children. But life has to go on, and I am in the midst of embracing my new destiny (chey!). Do not get me wrong, the people I will work with here are friendly, and it feels nice to have people check up on me (my coordinator checked up on me to see if I have reached home yet coz I was so confused with the number of bus stops here and another took the time to chat with me). But you know, silly old me with my thing for memories and emotions. I need to stop.

For this first week, I pretty much have little to do (which is why I am here, duh) coz I came in at the wrong time. Like no kidding. It is the final week of the second term and teachers are furiously marking, running everywhere, sighing into their laptops. I want to chit chat with the people around me coz I am that bored, friends. But the poor teachers…I would be such a wart if I breathed down their necks. So, here I am, typing my thoughts away. One for the memory, they say? I shall read this post this day, next year. I would probably be surprised at how much I have grown. Or maybe, sighing at the fact that I am that teacher whose neck is breathed down upon by a newbie just like me.

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