Firhan, Oh Firhan

May peace be upon you.

So, I just wanted to tell you guys about something that had happened some time last week. It was quite hilarious and I was left totally bemused, friends. To me it was, anyway.

Firhan and I had an argument, and as usual the both of us would want to get our points into the other’s head. Well, the both of us know that the only way to stop the argument from escalating was to do one simple thing – give in. However, being perpetually stubborn and irritating children, we both refused to do that (ego as high as Burj Khalifa, I tell you). In all honesty, I was the one who started it but well, I ain’t backing down (I know, I have issues).

Moving on, I was trying to get him to understand how I felt but he was trying to solve the issue (female – mostly heart, male – mostly head) so obviously, we were going nowhere, friends. Realising that it was just going to get worse and I needed to get him to know how I felt (totally impossible), I decided to get to him through his head (how technical). I then started to explain to him what happened initially and why I was upset (initially I was just screaming my emotions at him, figuratively coz whatsapp). What happened next I never saw coming.

I could see the tone in his texts become…gentle. And he apologised. I was shocked speechless, of course. And coz he finally got what I had been trying to convey, I stopped my grenade throwing and halted all my ICBMs.

Never mind exactly what we exchanged, but the main point of this very uninteresting story I just enthusiastically typed out was that… we need to give and take, not just with our significant others. We need to do this especially with our parents and family who have been with us ever since we were born. It is so, so important to know their pet peeves and sensitive spots so that we can avoid any potential arguments that can do much more harm than good.

For example, I know how my mom hates it when we lay around but there are still chores undone. So I will do my best to clear as many as I can before asking for her permission to take a nap. I know how my dad hates not knowing where we are after 11 pm so I make it a point to just let my parents know via text messages. And now that I know some of Firhan’s ultra sensitive points, I jolly well do my best to avoid it.

No, I am not changing myself. At the end of the day, I am still me. Stupid jokes, two left feet and all. I just made some alterations to my life to make sure that my family is happy. And when they are, I am, too.

And who knew Firhan could be so sensitive. Firhan, oh Firhan.

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