End of a Chapter

May peace be upon you.

So, I bid goodbye to another chapter of my life last week. The feels so bizarre, my God. It felt like leaving a friend behind, to be honest. Though it was the most gruelling weeks in my life, I did not quite like that feeling. But like everything else, it had to end. It has to else how do I move on? Now that the dust for for weeks ago is slowly settling, I am unsure of how to write my next chapter. Is it this or is it that; which comes first?

I will officially be reporting for duty in a couple of weeks, and it is nerve wrecking as much as it is exciting. At the same time, I am preparing for the next biggest thing in my life (everything in my life I appreciate as big so none of them can feel hurt haha what a reason) so do I write about both simultaneously? God, I can not multitask to save my own life, friends.

Oh anyway, can you smell it coming? That heavenly scent marking its almost arrival, and it is getting pretty close. Oh wow, so many things happening. I am not sure which to leave in my cupboard for the time being and which to occupy the thoughts in my head as I rush headfirst into the next few pages of my life.

This is exciting. Can you feel me?

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